The Gilded Age


Back in 2014 right after my last solo 'VERSO' I was approached by Andrew Hosner, from Thinkspace Gallery, about the possibility of doing a three person show, when he told me who the other artists would be - Aaron Horkey and Esao Andrews - my answer could not be other than a big yes. Aaron came up with the Gilded Age as a theme and we all jumped on it with different and similar views, at the same time, which made everything a little more interesting.

We all did nine pieces of work for the show, plus a screenprint (which I am still learning and experimenting). Here are all my works from the show, the screenprint (some few are still available) will be posted tomorrow. The show took place last September in Culver City, Ca. 

Note: Two of the works can still be purchased, there's a link next to them that redirects to the gallery website if you are interested.


New Year, Old Tracks (2015)
Acrylic on Fabriano and Wood
36 x 51 cm
Available >>

Galo (2015)
Acrylic on Fabriano and Acetate
30 x 30 cm
Available >>

The Philantropher (2015)
Acrylic on Fabriano and Wood
54 x 37 cm

Machinehat (2015)
Acrylic on Fabriano and Wood
24 x 55 cm

Den (2014)
Acrylic on Fabriano
22 x 50 cm

Den Study (2015)
Charcoal and gouache on Grey Paper
22 x 45 cm

Industry Study (2015)
Acrylic on Fabriano
20 x 29 cm

East of Eden (2015)
Mixed Media on Paper
27 x 50 cm

Trask (2015)
Acrylic on Fabriano, Acetate and Wood
15 x 25 cm