It's been a long while since I posted any news here because a lot happened in my life, like, you know, having a baby - my little roomate Aurélio. Time is of essence now and I have to choose what to do with the hours working and usually it is limited to painting or drawing, therefore my online presence (including answering emails) suffered greatly... but fear not! I am planning on being more diligent with my website, including the shop, where I am going to sell original artwork (mostly drawings and etchings), prints and books when available. It is working now with the available goods in stock at galleries and stores.

Anyway, during this interval I had my first solo on the US East coast, "GEIST" at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (formerly in NYC now in NJ). I will be posting the pieces from this show this week and after that some illustration work done during the past two years.

Take care,


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